The FQ smart camera changed the industry years ago with innovative solutions as a very robust, compact and powerful options built-in as a smart camera. The FQ2 is the 2nd generation of this camera series and share some of the very same algorithms as our FH Vision Systems (including real color analysis), but in a dedicated Software interface and compact interface. If you need a cost effective smart camera that gives you flexibility on the FOV options (including a C-mount connection), advanced inspection algorithms and even a dedicated touch-screen Ethernet monitor, the FQ2 is a offers a very good solution to your application needs.

+1 (800) 556-6766
  • Powerful functionality with versatile line-up
  • Crystal clear images
  • All-in-one-housing
  • Easy searching with Shape Search II
  • Direct Part Marked (DPM)
  • Unique OCR technology
  • Code verification
  • Advanced Inspection