Issue Date: August 2021

Discontinued Sensor Lite Controllers

  • FZ5-L350
  • FZ5-L355
  • FZ5-L350-10
  • FZ5-L355-10

Final order entry date:  March 15 2022

Last date of shipping:  June 15, 2022

Issue Date: August 2022

Discontinued FZ5 Standard Controller

  • FZ5-800
  • FZ5-805
  • FZ5-800-10
  • FZ5-805-10

Final order entry date:  End of March 2023

Last date of shipping:  End of March 2024

Scheduled end date of maintenance:  End of March 2028

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The FZ vision systems changed the industry years ago with innovative solutions as a complete vision system that supports single or multi-cameras applications depending on the model selected. The FZ5 is the 5th generation of this controller series and shares the same software interface as the newer FH vision systems and the majority of inspection tools. It connects with the FZ cameras varying from 0.3MP up to 5MP and offers multiple controller options (box type or LCD type) and processor speeds. If you need a built-screen type controller, this series offers an incredible value that simplifies vision systems installations and inspection visualization.

  • Crystal-clear image quality
  • Real Color Processing (16 million colors)
  • Smart Cameras and C-mount cameras
  • EtherNet/IP & TCP/IP communication

Flexible flow configuration


FZ5 supports the smart camera technology from the FQ-series sensors. This allows fast and easy installation of the camera on the machine, without further optics and illumination. Crystal clear images can be easily captured using high-power lighting and a polarizing filter that eliminates glare.

Open network


EtherNet/IP, a global standard for factory automation data networking, is supported for seamless integration into a production line or machine. This allows users to easily connect to any EtherNet/IP enabled devices from any manufacturer. Further communication is possible via TCP/IP, serial and parallel interfaces.