The J7MC Manual Motor Starter allows you to manually turn On/Off the motor while having fuse-less protection against short-circuit, overload and phase failures. Recommended to use with J7KC contactor.

  • On/Off control
  • Best matched for AC-3 Class motor drive
  • W x D x H (45mm X 46mm  x67.5 mm)
  • In combination with magnetic contactor model J7KC, it is ideal for control of motors to AC-3 class, 2.2 kW (200 to 240 VAC) * or 5.5 kW (380 to 440 VAC)
  • Rocker switch (standard type) and rotary switch (high-performance type)
  • High breaking capacity (Max100 kA/440 VAC)
  • Equipped with a dial cover as standard to protect accidental setting changes. Lockable with a padlock to ensure safety at startup
  • Certified as compliant with the main safety standard
  • Push-In Plus wiring technology saves wiring and maintenance time