Scale up machine control to line control with the NX502. Omron’s machine automation controllers have been designed to give manufacturing facilities robust safety, accurate motion, and transparent control by harnessing Sysmac’s One Controller, One Connection, and One Software architecture.



Delivering machine performance through robust architecture while gathering more data, the NX502:

  • Decreases IIoT implementation time by capturing multi-vendor data using native communication networks. Through globally open industrial protocols IO Link, EtherCAT®, and EtherNET/IP™, the NX502 provides an effective path from digital devices to a single controller.
  • Decreases the installation cost and delayed refresh rates associated with managed switches for motion control with up to 64 axis of motion control on the deterministic, globally open industrial protocol EtherCAT®.
  • Decreases programming time on the integrated development environment Sysmac Studio through Omron Integrated Safety Kits. Allowing the NX502 to accommodate up to 254 CIP Safety connections.
  • Consolidates data efficiency and non-intrusively with MQTT, OPC UA®, and SQL. Available as standard, the NX502 can efficiently transfer data to a central location in a web server without additional licenses or computers to broker data.

Key Features

  • 512 tag sets per EIP Unit, with maximum of 4 EIP units per NX502
  • Bandwidth of EIP bandwidth 40,000 pps/unit
  • 1 Gbps EIP Port allowing for full use of Quad Core CPU
  • OPC UA and SQL standard and preinstalled in unit
  • Up To 64 axes of motion
  • Up To 256 EtherCAT® nodes
  • Up to 254 CIP Safety connections
  • 80 MB program memory allowing for increased function block utilization
  • 250μs EtherCAT® Refresh Speed removing jitter in motion