Soft NA will allow users to run NA5 HMI applications on an IPC. HMI applications developed in Sysmac Studio can either be run on the NA5 dedicated hardware platfom or the IPC. Soft NA running on an IPC will allow users to control the machine via HMI and also run other computer based software and applications such as those for IIoT, data collection, enterprise resource planning and many others.

  • Soft NA is designed to be compatible with Omron series of IPC
  • Soft NA applications are portable between the hardware based NA5 HMI and Soft NA running on an IPC
  • NA5 fuctionality machine control and other purpose software such as IIoT, robotics, vision etc can run on the same IPC platform
  • Soft NA is programmed with Sysmac Studio
  • Soft NA is Windows 10 compatible