This highly functional integrated (controller, antenna) RFID system provides optimum communication between the reader and tags. Industry leading features such as "focus" mode and "automatic power tuning" maximize read rates and minimize mis-reads. Setup and diagnostic tools such as reception level monitoring, real time status indication, noise and channel monitor and real time tag read status indication make the V780 easy to set up and easy to diagnose any RF environmental issues.


The ability to read up to 64 unique RFID tags in one read cycle makes the V780 the perfect RFID reader for totes, racks or pallets of RFID tagged parts. The long read range makes it ideal for high mix production environments where the read range to the RFID tag may vary with the product being produced. Applications include, automotive body assembly, parts transportation and tracking, dock door portals, work in process (WIP), error proofing or any application where long read range and the physical environmental durability of RFID identification is needed. A master V780 can be networked with up to 7 slave units providing extended antenna coverage for portals and other applications.

  • All-in-one antenna/amplifier/controller design with up to 6m of read/write range per antenna
  • Ability to network up to 7 slave antennas with a master  V780 for increased tag reading area
  • Web browser based setup and configuration with advanced diagnostics
  • ISO/IEC 18000-63: 2013 compliant meets global standards for UHF
  • EtherNet/Modbus TCP
  • EtherNet/IP