Available in 3 or 5 port models, these unmanged switches can be DIN rail mounted in your control cabinet to expand your control network. Standard type RJ-45 ports and compact shape make the W4S1 swithes ideal for control panel use.


Industrial, Highly Reliable Ethernet Switches for Manufacturing

The W4S1 Switching Hubs from OMRON are low-cost, unmanaged switches that do not require software settings to maintain superior reliability and consistent control data performance on an Ethernet/IP network. It can be used with confidence because it carries a brand name well known at production sites and because it is backed by OMRON’s total support package for products ranging from PLCs to switching hubs.

Perfect Fit for Factory Automation Environments

The W4S1 Switching Hubs can perform in any environment where PLCs and robots are used. Add to this simple DIN track mounting and well-thought out cable mounting angles and the result is a significant reduction in the man-hours and space requirements for control panel installation.

Enhanced Network Reliability

The W4S1 Switching Hub is an unmanaged switch that is fully capable of failure detection and broadcast storm detection. It improves network reliability by notifying users immediately via contact outputs and LED indicators when an error occurs to quickly pinpoint the location of the error.

The 3- or 5-port Product Variation Ensures the Right Product Choice

We offer a low-cost 3-port model that can be used as easily as a T-branch to let you select the best model for your application.

Quality of Service (QoS) without Support Software

The QoS (packet prioritization control) for EtherNet/IP ensures high-speed delivery of control data even if it is dispersed among images and similar data-intensive applications. And complex software settings are eliminated because QoS can be enabled with a DIP switch setting.