The CK3C is a compact industrial motion and automation controller encompassing the full capabilities of Omron’s Power PMAC (Programmable Multi-Axis Controller) platform. Inherently, the CK3C is a 4-axis card expandable to 8 local and another 8 EtherCAT axes. The optional extended pins provide maximum flexibility for OEM-embedded design, high-speed interface to third-party devices and custom connectorization.

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  • OEM Embedded design
  • Extended (long) pins option
  • 50 μsec servo update (local)
  • Wide selection of encoder feedback
  • Various amplifier interface
  • On-board digital & analog I/Os
  • EtherCAT master for additional servo and IO
  • High-speed position compare
  • Full library of PMAC motion control

Key Features

  • Flexible development environment
  • High-speed execution
  • Tooltip trajectory generation
  • Multi-block lookahead and retrace
  • Open kinematics buffers
  • Cross-coupled gantry control