The i4H is a next-generation SCARA robot that offers the performance and capability required to meet the demands of today's manufacturing needs


With a fresh, high-performance industrial design, the i4H can achieve the production throughput to meet your manufacturing needs.

Key features:

  • High payload up to 15kg
  • High-speed cycle times
  • Highly repeatable ±0.015mm positioning (XY)
  • Space saving built-in controller
  • Intuitive robot mounted LCD status display and RGB light ring
  • Available in 650, 750, 850mm reach lengths and 210 or 410mm quill options
  • Available in standard IP20, Cleanroom/ESD, IP65 and Foodgrade rated versions
  • Standard model floor/table mounts, with optional wall mount bracket and inverted version for ceiling mounting
  • Supports Integrated Controller mode and independent standalone mode (Spring 2022)

Automate your full production line with Omron

Easily program the i4H robot alongside the rest of OMRON’s devices (vision, motion, IO, safety) from OMRON’s single programming software, Sysmac Studio. Systems can be designed and tested virtually with  integrated simulation features, which not only accelerates system deployment but also greatly simplifies troubleshooting activities. Additionally, Omron's Sysmac software allows you to achieve very high levels of synchronization between multiple robots or robots and servos, all connected through the dedicated high-speed EtherCAT control network.