Take the first step to understand your risks and ensure your machines will pass regulatory inspection.

Leverage our Global Risk Assessment expertise to protect the people, and the machines that run your business profitably:

  • Understand your current compliance status
  • Identify and prioritize which equipment presents your greatest risks
  • Develop a strategic plan for compliance
  • Minimize downtime, ensure employee safety and reduce the risk of steep fines

While evaluating over 30,000 machines, we found that 93% did not have the proper safeguards to meet the relevant standards

Why partner with us?

Our dedicated, full-time experts have the experience and expertise to ensure your equipment meets international and regional safety standards.

  • Work with your teams to develop regulatory compliance best practices to reduce risk and preserve productivity
  • Assess and evaluate over 3,000 machines globally every year
  • Develop solutions that meet or exceed standards and regulations
  • Focus exclusively on machine guarding safety
  • Experts on applicable regulations, directives, and standards
  • Maintain or improve your productivity with creative safeguarding solutions

Our process depends on partnership. You know how to make your products, and we know how to make the machines that make those products safe. Together, we collaborate to develop and implement solutions that not only improve machine safety, but meet regulatory compliance and reduce your overall risk.

Omron Safety Assessment Specialists start with an on-site visit at your facility, where we work with your team to understand your operational, process and maintenance needs. We identify and evaluate each hazard based on:

  • Degree of possible harm
  • Probability of occurrence
  • Possibility of avoidance
  • Frequency/Duration of exposure

Based on our findings, we calculate a Risk Level Score, which helps us develop machine-specific Risk Reduction Solutions that support your production needs, while enhancing employee safety.