Human-machine collaboration reaches new heights.

Take advantage of a versatile solution that promotes effortless, seamless human-machine collaboration. Our new TM Series Collaborative Robot is designed to free workers from repetitive tasks and boost the quality, efficiency and flexibility of your operations.

With built-in vision and a user-friendly, plug-and-play user interface, the Collaborative Robot makes it easy to automate the most tedious steps on the production line.

Key benefits that differentiate us from the competition

Ease of Use​

With features such as graphical programming, intuitive hand guide, and integrated vision, OMRON cobots are easy to redeploy for a wide range of industrial applications.

Global Sales & Support ​

Our global network offers powerful service and support tailored specifically to our customers, including safety risk assessment service.

Flexible Manufacturing

OMRON cobots provide the highest returns on investment. They can flexibly adapt to new production processes and layouts within a few minutes.

A safe, easy-to-use solution for any industry

The Collaborative Robot helps maximize productivity in a wide variety of applications, including machine tool production, secondary packaging, machine tending and more.

You can teach the Collaborative Robot without even opening the controller thanks to an innovative hand-guiding mechanism.

Find out how the Collaborative Robot can boost your throughput!

Our new robotic solution is geared towards manufacturers seeking to amplify production and reduce employee fatigue caused by repetitive tasks that have not been fully automated

Ideal tasks for the TM Series Collaborative Robot include:

  • Screwing
  • Gluing
  • Testing
  • Soldering
  • Assembling
  • Loading and unloading

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