About Sysmac Studio

This advanced software tool is the sole software required for the NJ-Series machine automation controller, which brings together logic, motion, vision, safety and robotics, onto a single platform. The main hardware product series inside the IDE are:

  • NX-series controllers
  • NJ-series controllers
  • NA-series HMI
  • NX-series I/0 and safety
  • GS-series servo
  • MX2-series and RX-series frequency inverter
  • FH and FQM vision system and sensor
  • GX network components
  • E3 N-Smart sensors
  • ZW-series measurement sensors

OMRON Symac Platform

Sysmac Studio is the single software package required to program Omron’s Sysmac Automation Platform: One Controller, One Software, One Connection delivers built in support for industry standards while keeping abreast of the latest processes, smart sensing technologies, functional safety tools, and communication protocols. Our solutions are designed to be flexible, with inputs and outputs that greatly simplify stand-alone or complex, networked implementations.