Benefits of the new V410-H

This new handheld’s expanded functionality reaches applications for which the DPM-focused HS-360X may not be ideal. It is made even more powerful when used with WebLink PC utility and runtime facilitates image storage and troubleshooting while providing statistics, reader discovery, extensive tooltips and other features that maximize operational insight.

Advanced decoding algorithms

Omron’s proven X-Mode algorithms reliably decode a wide variety of labels and DPMs, including minuscule codes with a 2-mil x-dimension used in electronics and medical device applications.

Comfortable to use

The V410-H supports operator comfort and productivity with high-speed, long-range reading and automatically switches between hands-free presentation mode and manually triggered mode with the optional ...

Minimizes bacterial growth

The V410-H keeps the growth of microorganisms to a minimum thanks to the elimination of fastener crevasses and its ability to withstand common cleaners.

Key features and specifications

In addition to industry-leading 1D/2D DPM decoding performance with Omron’s X-Mode imaging technology, the V410-H provides the following features and capabilities:

  • 1280 x 800 pixels resolution
  • IP52 environmental protection
  • 2-meter drop resistance
  • Optional stand for hands-free operation

Three models are available to support long-range and DPM reading as well as use in life sciences or healthcare environments.

A flexible tool for traceability

With its compact and intuitive design, the V410-H helps meet traceability objectives in a variety of applications, including the following:

  • Automotive powertrain assembly and test
  • Clinical or laboratory instrumentation
  • Food and beverage packaging and logistics
  • Consumer package goods manufacturing
  • Printed circuit boards and components
  • Traceability and process optimization via lot and unit-level quality tracking
  • Automated information capture and exchange of data on labels and direct part marked products
  • Automation and accuracy assurance of laboratory samples
  • Raw material inventory optimization