Training services to help your team master automation, maintenance and safety technology

Help your employees succeed by giving them the comprehensive training they require. Omron’s educational services provide individual classes and guided training programs to help your team develop the expertise necessary to support your production.

Covering over 80% of our technologies, our training shortens your team’s learning curve as you implement new industrial automation equipment or upgrade your system.

Instructor-Led Classes

In-Person Classes

Our in-person classes include both hands-on modules and theory-based learning. Classes are small and focused can be held at your facility or one of our regional training centers.

Virtual Training

We offer a virtual option for many of our training classes, led in real-time by Omron experts via online conferencing. Get the same exceptional learning experience without the travel.

Self-Directed Classes

eLearning Introductory Classes

Featuring over 50 free courses in 15 languages, our eLearning series covers foundational concepts of factory automation technology in short, easy-to-understand sessions.

On-Demand Classes

With our on-demand training sessions, you can take a deep dive into Omron’s technologies on your schedule and at your own pace. Pre-recorded by our training team, these courses cover much of the same ...

Programming Path Courses

  • Sysmac (NJ/ NX/NA): Programming, Motion Leves 1&2, HMI, Safety, Robot Programming, ePLC Robot Programming
  • CX-One (CJ/CP/CS): Programming Levels 1&2
  • Advanced Sensing: FQ2 Vision Sensor Programming, FH/FZ5 Vision Systems Programming, LVS Label Verification, Barcode Basics & MicroHAWK AutoID w/WebLink, MicroHAWK Macine Vision (AutoVISION), Machine Vision (Visionscape)
  • Robotics: Omron ACE PRogrammign LEvels 1&2, Mobile Robot Programming and Fleet Managment, Sysmac ePLC Robot Programming, Collaborative Robots
  • Advanced Motion & Networks: Power PMAC Programming, Ethernet/IP