Safety solutions for harsh washdown applications

To withstand increased scrutiny and comply with standards and regulations, industrial manufacturers are intensifying their washdown practices. These call for special solutions that function well amid high pressures, high temperatures and concentrated chemicals.

Omron’s IP69K-rated safety products hold up well against these challenges and help manufacturers consistently protect employees over the long term.

What does it take to ensure safety in washdown environments?

Ingress protection (IP) ratings help OEMs and end-users evaluate the capabilities of products they choose to use in their applications. Using a product with the wrong IP rating can lead to unplanned machine stoppages.

The most rigorous test is IP69K high-pressure, high-temperature washdown resistance. This rating gives OEMs and end-users confidence that the product can withstand the harsh measures needed to keep equipment clean.


Technologies for a robust safety solution

IP69K Light Curtains

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Robots, cameras, sensors, scanners and more for harsh washdown environments

Omron has the preferred product lineup for leading companies in meat/poultry and seafood processing, dairy, ice cream, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables, beverages, personal care, pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, clinical/in vitro, and many more.