Track works-in-progress to keep faulty parts out of finished vehicles

This white paper discusses the key ways in which traceability can help minimize the occurrence and impact of recalls for automakers. Discover several technological solutions to maximize the benefits of a robust, real-time traceability system.

Stay ahead of the curve

The automotive industry is currently dealing with major changes, including a shift towards globalized platforms and standardized vehicle architectures. Although this helps streamline production, it also means that a single flawed part can have a much broader impact.

To minimize the likelihood that faulty parts could be incorporated into finished vehicles, automotive manufacturers are implementing increasingly comprehensive, real-time traceability systems. Find out how traceability can help you ensure the safety and satisfaction of your customers and sharpen your competitive edge.

Mastering traceability through MVRC (Mark, Verify, Read and Communicate)

Our most recent white paper series offers insights into the driving forces behind the latest developments and strategies for getting the most out of real-time traceability, whether for the purpose of brand protection, regulatory compliance, quality control, process improvements or another goal.