Support of New Type

Support the following Controllers:

  • NX1P2 Controller version 1.41
  • NX102-00 Controller version 1.41
  • NX102-20 Controller version 1.34
  • NX701 Controller version 1.22
  • NJ101-1[]000 Controller version 1.41
  • NJ301-100 Controller version 1.41
  • NJ501-100 Controller version 1.41

Support the following NX-series NX-TC Temperature Controller Units:

  • NX-TC240[] version 1.3
  • NX-TC340[] version 1.3

Support the following Safety CPU Units:

  • NX-SL5700 version 1.4
  • NX-SL5500 version 1.4

Support the following target devices in EtherNet/IP Connection Settings:

  • NXR-series IO-Link Master Unit(new)


  • MX-Z20H-V1 series Laser Marker (upgraded)

Lazer Marker Revision 2

  • The revision 3 of K6CM series Motor Condition Monitoring Devices (upgraded)

K6CM-VBMx-EIP Revision 3

K6CM-ISMx-EIP Revision 3

  • The revision 3 of K6PM series Motor Condition Monitoring Devices (new)

K6CM-CI2Mx-EIP Revision 3

  • GI-S-series Safety I/O Terminal Units

GI-SMD 1624

GI-SID 1224

Support the following Programmable Terminals:



New functions

  • Support the function to change Servo Driver models.
  • Support the 3D Simulation function. (for Sysmac Studio 64-bit only. 3D Simulation Option (Model:SYSMAC-SA4□□L-64) is required to operate the mechanical components in a 3D simulation.)
  • Support the Rung Comment List for ladder programs.
  • Enable to enter local variables easily to the reference target area in the cross reference tab page.
  • Enable to import/ export I/O map settings.
  • Enable to delete unused variables in a program.
  • Enable to import safety unit restore files.
  • Enable to change the font color of global variables in Option.
  • Support the Safety Monitor functionality.
  • Support the Operation Logging functionality.
  • Support FTP client functions.
  • Enable to specify an image size in Image File Output.
  • Support the functionality to export the image files registered in resources.
  • Support the page importing/ exporting functionalities.
  • Enable to replace page names in entire project when a page name is changed.

Improved functions

  • Solved the problem that a user went to a wrong point when clicking the cross reference list.
  • Solved the problem that when connection settings are implemented for a Valcon PLC's device, an error occurred and RPI could not be configured.
  • Solved the problem that the data was written to the location designated by the FileSeek instruction even though the FileOpen instruction was executed in the Additional Write Mode during a simulation.
  • Solved the problem that when the user-defined functions or function blocks with same names were copied and pasted to another project, properties were not overwritten.
  • Solved the problem that the screen was temporarily frozen when a background build was executed during a project editing.
  • Solved the problem that when an inline ST loaded an empty project, an error in the inline ST might not be detected.
  • Solved the problem that a build error might not be detected during online editing and transferred normally.
  • Solved the problem that the online editing functionality might not work properly while an integrated simulation with an HMI was running.
  • Improved the processing time to upload the safety application data.
  • Solved the problem that when a large-size project was being opened, the safety application data might not be uploaded.
  • Solved the problem that the project with a CIP Safety device of other company could not be opened after the Sysmac Studio update.
  • Solved the problem that a part of the power flow is not displayed in the FBD editor.
  • Solved the problem that when the version 1.11 or higher project was re-opened to be synchronized, data inconsistency might occur.
  • Solved the problem that a synchronization might take longer time when a project contained unnecessary data.
  • Solved the problem that Sysmac Studio might be terminated abnormally if the windows of Properties or Animations were switched frequently.
  • Solved the problem that Sysmac Studio was terminated abnormally when the HMI view was opened from the cross reference results in cross reference tab page while the HMI view was not opened.
  • Solved the problem that when a project was converted to the version 1.11 and closed, specified values were initialized after the project was re-opened.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that some scale marks of the y-axis on a broken line graph might not be displayed partly.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that a text color of a data lamp might be displayed differently from the set color.
  • Runtime Improved tag verification at an online edit in the controller. Refer to the manual for the combinations with the controller that enables the functionality.