Support of New Type

Support the following Controllers:

  • NJ101-[]020 Controller Ver.1.23
  • NJ501-20 Controller Ver.1.23
  • NX102-1[]20 Controller Ver.1.35
  • NX701 Controller Ver.1.23

Support the following EtherCAT device.

  • NX-ECC203 Ver.1.7

New functions

  • Added Sysmac slave terminal logging tool
  • Variables are added to the settings for exclusive control of variables in tasks from the global variable table
  • Support Program Pattern Copy
  • Support Cross Reference
  • Support Retrace Search
  • Resource ID is added to the drop down list for entering texts in Properties
  • Automatically convert parentheses of arrays to proper ones when copy and paste variables among controllers and HMI

Improved functions

  • Updated strings of defined values for operation branching behavior parameters of the NX series Temperature Control Units (NX-TC)
  • Sysmac controller logging tool enables to obtain and save the log information of the EtherCAT Coupler Units and Safety Control Units connected to the Controller
  • Solved the problem that a major fault error would occur in a simulation of the unit version 1.40 CPU Unit
  • Solved the problem that a major fault error occurred if the ResetCNCError instruction is executed in a program assigned to a periodic task during a simulation
  • Solved the problem that a program would not be run in a simulation of the database connection CPU unit
  • Solved the problem that a drag and drop operation in Ladder Editor would be failed while Rung Comment List is opened
  • Current I/O variable values of FB instances can be monitored in the Controllers supported after July 2020
  • Solved the problem that the power flow indication was not correct when three and more inputs were set to a comparison instruction.
  • Solved the problem that MC_Move instruction against servo drive of 3rd party vendor became an error when configurations of EtherCAT coupler was edited and downloaded to the controller.
  • Solved the problem that an unexpected error occurred at an Online Edit transfer.
  • Solved the problem that Sysmac Studio run slowly if the scroll bar in the Ladder or watch tab page was kept moving.
  • Solved the problem that shortcut keys would not work in FBD Editor
  • Solved the problem that an error message would appear when a program is modified after commented out from an FBD program
  • Solved the problem that a namespace before uploading would remain when uploading the data
  • Solved the problem that the data remained internally even after a VCN password was deleted
  • Runtime Solved the problem that specifying a structure variable with the same name as the device name in an object's properties would sometimes not update the variable value.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that creating an asynchronous execution event in a global event would result in a build error when Operation Log was enabled.