Support of New Type

Support the following Controllers and Robots:

  • NJ501-R[]00 Controller Ver. 1.41
  • IPC Application Controller

* The following cameras can be connected to IPC Application Controller. Setting tools for the cameras     are automatically installed at an auto-update.

  • BASLER cameras (Pylon IP Configurator and Pylon USB Configurator are automatically installed)
  • OMRON SENTECH cameras (StViewer is automatically installed)

Following OMRON Robots connectable to NJ501-R[]00 Controller

  • eCobra 600/800, EtherCAT (NJ501-R) supporting version

Improved functions

  • Solved the problem that font setting of text box was not shown in multiple languages.
  • Solved the problem that copying and pasting operation of a subroutine including {0} would be invalid.
  • Solved the problem that a build executed just after an upload of a project containing IAG would be failed.
  • Solved the problem that fonts used in IAG set back to the default when converted to version 1.11 or higher.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that digit separations in Soft-NA's trend graph would not be displayed correctly.