Support of New Type

Support the following Controllers:

  • NX1P2 Controller version 1.42
  • NX102-00 Controller version 1.42
  • NJ101-1[]000 Controller version 1.42
  • NJ301-100 Controller version 1.42
  • NJ501-100 Controller version 1.42

Support the following 1S series Servo Drivers:

  • R88D-1SN[]-ECT version 1.4

Support the following

  • FH series Vision Sensors version 6.4

New Functions

  • Tooltip displayed on a circuit part in a ladder program shows the information about a variable, such as retain attribute.
  • List of element comments for array or structure variables is displayed while online.
  • Sysmac Studio has become resident in the background to shorten its start-up time.
  • Change in a comment on variable of controller reflects on a comment on variable of HMI.
  • Support the upload-dedicated functions
  • Operabilities of synchronization and importing/exporting device have been improved.
  • Added an option not to generate resources automatically when an object is created.
  • Show elapsed time since an alarm occurred on an user alarm object.

Improved functions

  • Detect an network-published variable not registered to Setting for Exclusive Control of Variables in Tasks as an error.
  • Current values of in-out variable for function block instance can be monitored in supported controllers since October 2020.
  • DC-enabled slaves are available in EtherCAT ring topology. (Project unit version 1.42 or higher)
  • Solved the problem that a simulation of the project using SD memory card instruction occurred an error.
  • Solved the problem that a simulation could failed to be executed when "Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support" was checked in the Windows regional settings.
  • Solved the problem that printing could be failed when a project including connection settings for CIP Safety was uploaded.
  • Solved the problem that the retrace search and variable jump function did not work properly when the case is different between a variable name defined in the variable table and that specified in the FBD editor.
  • Importing/exporting object properties supports IAG objects.
  • Solved the problem that an error could occur in a pop-up window if a project was built just after the unit model was changed.
  • Solved the problem that a download after the Clear All Memory was executed could be failed.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that Soft-NA could abend when a page was switched to the one containing a graph.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that normal values could not be acquired from a PLC if values were written in UTF-16 during connected to the CJ-series Controller.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that a project could not be transferred when Sysmac Studio was synchronized to Soft-NA if all the files were not checked.