Support of New Type

  • Supported the following Controllers.
  • NJ101-[]000 Controller Ver.1.21
  • NJ301-1[]00 Controller Ver.1.21
  • NJ501-1[]00 Controller Ver.1.21
  • NX102 Controller Ver.1.32
  • NX1P2 Controller Ver.1.21

Improved functions

  • Solved the problem that simulation connection could not be established from the CNC Operator to the Controller.
  • Solved the problem that square brackets used for indexes of array variables could not be entered in the data type field of variable tables in European languages.

  • Solved the problem that the Sysmac Studio might terminate abnormally when searching for deleted text immediately after deleting the text from an object.
  • Solved the problem that the function to create HMI's local variables from the object's Properties did not operate properly.
  • Solved the problem that the font size setting might be incorrect when converting the project to Runtime V1.11.
  • Solved the problem that device import might not operate properly with a project containing IAG.
  • Solved the problem that IAG created in the Sysmac Studio Ver. 1.11 did not operate properly.