By combining global leading Delta Tau Data Systems’ Motion Control technologies, Omron can open up new applications and solutions. The CK3E is a controller designed for precise multi-axis control. You can build a system capable of controlling up to 32 axes of motion and incorporate customized control algorithms into the system. The CK3E allows you to program in C language and reuse existing software assets. The compact design saves space in machines and control panels. EtherCAT® connects servo drives, I/O, and other devices to the CK3E, reducing the number of cables.

  • 32, 16 or 8 axes motion control
  • Up to 250 μs cycle time
  • Compatible with standard G-Code functions
  • Save space & wiring thanks to compact design
  • CAD/CAM for easy motion control
  • EtherCAT for flexible configuration

Compact design


Built-in ports:

  • Modbus TCP for PLC communication, visualization and programming
  • EtherCAT for real-time machine control
  • USB port for data logging or G-Code download


Complex kinematics


Complex mechanics can be controlled thanks to the matrix handling and the space conversion. Special applications like Hexapod telescope mirror positioning, can be easyly operated by the kinematics handling functionality.

Leveraging features for accurate machining application



Standard RS-274 G-Code interpreter. User-writable subroutines for customized implementation of G, M, T and D-codes. Flexibility to adapt the syntax and to work in combination with any CAD/CAM software.

Cutter compensation 2D/3D


Tool diameter and shape compensation, matching the cutting point exactly as specified in G-Code.

Fast processor + large program buffer


Fast processor can handle over 10,000 blocks per second and up to 1Gb part programs.

Block Retrace for reversing the path


Path can be reverted in order to remove the tool from cutting area.

Advanced Block Lookahead


Instructions in the buffer are analyzed in advance, movements are blended and optimized in speed and acceleration for a better performance.

Tangent tool management


Tools with a cutting direction require a tangent path positioning.