Innovative-Automation!: Evolving with our customers to solve manufacturing issues through innovation

OMRON Industrial Automation, powered by the Innovative-Automation! concept, generates value by solving manufacturing issues with innovation that addresses changes in what products are manufactured as well as where, how, and by whom they need to be manufactured. We have 37 Automation Centers around the world where we work with our customers to develop solutions for their manufacturing challenges. At these centers, customers can test and verify potential solutions with our experienced sales engineers in a simulated environment. We use the applications and technologies we sell to achieve Innovative-Automation! at our own production facilities around the world to further enhance them for real-world use and share with our customers. OMRON will continue to strive to be a reliable partner in manufacturing innovation by working with our customers to address new issues and, through these efforts, evolve and nurture our Innovative-Automation! concept.


Manufacturing innovation that only OMRON can deliver.

Automation Center

Working with our customers toward manufacturing innovation through Innovative-Automation!

Production Facilities

Strategically implementing Innovative-Automation! for on-site enhancement of cutting-edge technologies.