Proven solutions for the life sciences industry supported by extensive experience in automation

Omron is a trusted partner for medical device manufacturing, clinical and in vitro diagnostic instruments, laboratory automation solutions and pharmaceutical processors and packagers. The life sciences industry is challenged with achieving greater efficiencies, lower life-cycle costs, maintaining product quality and driving compliance with real-time actionable insights. Addressing these challenges today and in the future is possible only with 100% data integrity and extremely reliable components that are small enough to fit into instruments. From reading labels on specimen tubes or directly marked surgical instruments to automated presence/absence detection of microtiter plates – the life sciences industry can depend on Omron for the highest levels of performance and flexibility.

Flexibility and quality in the life sciences arena

Saddled with the baggage of legacy systems, many companies in the life sciences arena are facing pressure to boost time-to-market and adapt to evolving requirements. Flexibility is a key strategy for staying ahead of the competition, and yet flexibility also raises a manufacturing system’s complexity. This complexity, in turn, makes it more difficult to maintain quality.

Meet deadlines and track devices across the supply chain

Traceability has always been an essential component of the life sciences, but the upcoming FDA UDI deadlines has brought it to the forefront of industry conversations around medical device manufacturing. Omron’s solutions can help manufacturers stay ahead of the game and ensure compliance with the latest requirements.

Robust traceability systems can also help prevent counterfeiting and keep supply chain issues to a minimum.