Reduce unplanned downtime with 24/7 predictive maintenance

Whether legacy or new, industrial equipment requires proper maintenance to maximize its lifespan. Aging equipment is one of the top causes of unplanned downtime, so manufacturers experiencing high maintenance costs can benefit from a new strategy. Traditional preventive maintenance methods take place at scheduled intervals and require skilled workers to complete time-consuming manual processes. Problems arising between inspection dates may go unnoticed, and companies may replace equipment prematurely.

Predictive maintenance, on the other hand, is a proactive strategy that involves evaluating your equipment’s condition through continuous monitoring. The goal is to use real-time data to identify component failures early, reduce unplanned downtime and avoid costly repairs.

Monitor equipment remotely

Omron’s predictive maintenance devices allow multiple pieces of equipment to be monitored simultaneously using EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP communication.

Reduce maintenance costs

By implementing predictive maintenance solutions, manufacturers can achieve significant savings relative to traditional maintenance by reducing manual inspections.

Reduce unplanned downtime

Real-time monitoring of actual machine conditions can significantly reduce the number of unexpected and catastrophic failures by catching abnormalities sooner.

Introduction to Omron's Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Omron has a new and exciting product offering of predictive maintenance solutions that allow the user to monitor the health of various types of equipment. This equipment condition monitoring allows for prediction of equipment failure, such that the necessary service can be performed and unplanned downtime avoided. S8VK-X EIP Connected Power Supply, K6CM 3-Phase Motor Condition Monitoring, K6PM Thermal Monitoring and K7GE Servo Insulation Monitoring are currently among Omron's Predictive Maintenance Product offerings.

Omron’s predictive maintenance solutions

We offer several turnkey solutions equipped with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities that make it easy to continuously keep tabs on your power supply loads, motor condition, and equipment thermal condition.

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Applications that can benefit from predictive maintenance include:

  • Automotive Industry: paint stations, parts manufacturing, stamping presses, casting equipment, and control panels
  • Infrastructure Industry: water/waste water treatment, cooling water circulation, power generation, and exhaust ventilation units
  • Food and Beverage Industry: mixing stations, dryer stations, packaging stations, industrial chillers, and molding stations
  • Digital Industry: semi-conductor deposition, molding stations, winding stations, dust collection, and parts transportation

K7GE motor insulation resistance monitor

This DIN-rail mounted monitor wth LCD display and automatic insulation measurement and is designed to detect insulation breakdown of single-phase motors, three-phase motors, and servo motors in harsh environments.


  • RS-485 serial connection for remote monitoring
  • Transistor alarm outputs
  • Modular probe units for multiple motor insulation monitoring
  • 50 VDC measurement voltage and 0.1- 99 M Ω measurement range
  • Free PC monitoring software

K6CM motor condition monitor

This DIN-rail mounted controller monitors three-phase induction motors continuously to detect abnormal load conditions, bearing wear and insulation breakdown.


  • Ethernet/IP & Modbus TCP communication
  • DIN-rail mount controller with a visual display and alarm indicator
  • Vibration/temperature sensor to detect bearing wear conditions
  • Current transformer (CT) to measure motor current and detect abnormal load conditions
  • Zero-current transformer (ZCT) to measure insulation resistance and detect insulation breakdown

S8VK-X Power Supply

This single-phase power supply detects abnormal DC load conditions and calculates remaining power supply life based on the power supply load conditions. Its user-friendly local display provides easy status visualization and can be monitored remotely with the included PC monitoring software.


  • Ethernet/IP & Modbus TCP communication
  • Monitors DC output voltage, current, peak current, run time, and power supply life
  • Optional display for easy status identification
  • Free PC-based equipment monitoring software
  • 5-year power supply warranty

K6PM thermal condition monitor

The K6PM analyzes temperature deviation over time using thermal imaging sensors and detects abnormalities before they become serious. Its digital display and alarm bar allow operators of all experience levels to respond to issues.


  • Ethernet/IP & Modbus TCP communication
  • Compact thermal imaging sensors
  • DIN-rail mount controller with a visual display and alarm indicator
  • Free PC-based equipment monitoring software

Download our predictive maintenance white paper

Unplanned machine downtime is a huge headache for the business sector, as ongoing problems like aging infrastructure, skilled worker shortage, and recent societal disruptions drive up operational costs by reducing equipment availability.

Fortunately, advances in sensors, analytics, and communication technologies are making predictive maintenance increasingly practical and affordable for small, medium, and large manufacturing companies. This white paper examines four use cases that demonstrate the power of a predictive maintenance strategy.

Success story: Air handling unit system monitoring with the K6CM

Find out how a children’s hospital was able to stop its air handling units (AHUs) from failing unexpectedly (and harming the integrity of biomedical research materials) by employing Omron’s K6CM motor condition monitor. This solution provided real-time visibility into the AHU system’s condition and helped hospital staff ensure 100% uptime for an essential system.

Reduce unplanned downtime with Omron's 24/7 predictive maintenance solutions.

Whether addressing new or legacy equipment to reduce unplanned downtime, addressing labor shortages in changing times or to further automate your manufacturing strategy, Omron's predictive maintenance solutions help address customer needs to remotely monitor environments and equipment, saving you time, money and help to reduce impact of labor resources changes on your business.