In the circuit board industry, an increasing number of parts and boards are proving to be difficult to inspect with automated optical inspection (AOI) because the solder is invisible. Furthermore, high-quality requirements such as bonding strength of the automobile industry and full surface inspection of the solder are increasing. To address these needs, Omron has introduced new technology for accomplishing inspections within the required inline take time (the rate at which a product must be completed to meet customer demand). This has been one of the most challenging requirements for computed tomography (CT) X-ray automatic inspection equipment.

For continuous imaging technology, highly accurate positioning control and high-speed image sensing are required. With this technology, the VT-X750 caused take time to improve by more than double in comparison with the conventional machine, enabled low-radiation inspection, and created the industry’s first in-line, full surface inspection system. Built upon a new platform, the Omron AXI (automated X-ray inspection) system makes inspection safer and more comprehensive while continuing to evolve with the times.