This 1/16th DIN form factor pre-set multi-function counter offers capabilities for either totalizing or tachometer monitoring, the latter referring to the process of monitoring the cyclic rate of a rotating device.

Let’s take a look at the top three benefits of the H7CC.

1. It makes counter/tachometer setup clear and simple.

The setup and programming of typical counters and tachometers is often difficult and confusing for design engineers. The H7CC’s improved programming interface with six up/down arrows lets customers quickly program it with their specific input/output requirements, thereby reducing setup time by 40% or more.

2. Production engineers can easily read the display from long distances.

It can be challenging to accurately read the details of red LCD displays quickly from long distances. For this reason, Omron chose to incorporate a white LED display, which offers greater clarity from farther away. Thanks to this increase in clarity and visual fidelity, H7CC users can react faster when intervention is needed.

3. Built-in preventive maintenance features help reduce downtime.

When a counter/tachometer reaches end of life, it can fail without warning and cause a loss of unit count or RPM monitoring. No such losses will occur with the H7CC, which alerts the user when its contact relay or electrolytic capacitor has degraded to the point where device replacement is advised.