CKid’s interest in Omron’s automation technologies began with his visit to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this January when he got a chance to play ping pong with Omron’s famous AI-equipped table tennis tutor robot, FORPHEUS. He rapped about this experience and other CES spectacles in a video called “RAP TECH – BEST OF CES 2019 – RAP UP!” Check out the video here(FORPHEUS makes an appearance at 1:35).

Inspired to share a broader range of Omron’s technologies with his audience of more than 12,000 subscribers, CKid met with Automation Center Director Mike Chen to get an overview of key product categories like sensors, safety technologies, Sysmac software, and of course robots. He also had the unique opportunity to program a collaborative robot for the first time.

The resulting video became the first episode of the influencer’s new series titled “Behind the Tech.” You can watch it here.

CKid also published an insightful video featuring a rapid-fire interview with Chen that delves into important questions about Omron as a company, the future of robotics and AI technology and the effect that this technology will have on society. Check it out here.

Omron has been exhibiting at CES for two consecutive years. Check out the links below to keep up with Omron updates and career opportunities.

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