Let’s look at the four ways that automation engineers, quality control engineers, system designers, purchasers, and maintenance personnel can benefit from this technology.

1.  Recording the moment helps determine the exact root cause.

If you don’t have enough information to determine the root cause of an error, it’s extremely difficult to keep that error from occurring again (and again, and again). Fortunately, you can use the Factory Drive Recorder to save up to five minutes of video before and after a particular trigger that you specify beforehand.

By accessing prolonged video data, engineers can get to the root cause quicker and more efficiently. You can rewatch the video as many times as necessary to determine the fundamental problem rather than taking the entire machine apart.

2.  Omron’s offering is more affordable and less complex than other options.

Typical event capture software solutions on the market today are too expensive and quite challenging to set up. Experts and dedicated personnel are often required to maintain and run these systems.

Thanks to the simplicity of Omron’s industrial cameras, the Factory Drive Recorder system can be set up extremely quickly and with just a fraction of the cost of a traditional system. The recorder can use up to eight Omron cameras (U3V or GigE) on a single system with an easy-to-use interface.

3.  The system lets you specify the most relevant triggers for recording.

The Factory Driver Recorder Software offers four different trigger modes that you can as the cause of error:

  1. Time Trigger
  2. Motion Detection
  3. Master Image Comparison
  4. Trigger Signal (Hardware Trigger).