An autonomous materials transport system in the form of an Omron LD Series and HD Series mobile robot fleet offers the best of both worlds: enhanced flexibility with a corresponding reduction in complexity. A coordinated set of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) is the ideal solution for materials transport needs in manufacturing and logistics applications.

Coordinate fleets of AMRs with Omron Fleet Manager

Omron makes it easy to coordinate and manage fleets of up to 100 robots using the powerful Fleet Manager solution. Fleet Manager provides an intuitive interface for defining jobs, mapping routes, monitoring robot status and adapting to facility changes in order to ensure a seamless and productive workflow.

Fleet Manager supports all Omron LD mobile robot types, which come in a range of payload capacities. These include 60kg, 90kg, 105kg, 130kg, 250kg and even 1,500kg with the HD-1500. The system considers robot type, payload and the capabilities of user-installed topper units when assigning robots to tasks.

Our AMRs are designed for the heaviest of payloads

The LD-250 mobile robot features an industrial-grade structure optimized for bulky items that would otherwise need to be pushed around in human-operated carts, such as transmission blocks, automotive seats and voluminous packaging materials. For extremely large payloads, the HD-1500 is ideal and can dramatically reduce a facility’s dependence on forklifts.

With multiple carrying capacities and other elements of a diverse robot fleet all working together under one system that can intelligently allocate jobs to robots that have the right features, an automated materials transport system frees up human workers from tiresome tasks while also improving efficiency and flexibility.

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The strongest member of the LD family

Industry first to control different types of mobile robots via one system.

Omron LD mobile robot line just got stronger

Omron's new LD-250 mobile robot can carry a payload of 250kg -- giving you the strength to expand what is possible in your automated system. It is built with sturdier metallic skins, is capable of more demanding duties and is even quieter than the LD-90.

Optimized for dynamic and peopled environments, these robots can naturally fall in behind human workers to seamlessly "integrate" into the workforce.