That's why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our game-changing MD Series of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). With the MD Series, we are revolutionizing midrange material movement processes, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and ensuring worker safety.

Enhanced Flexibility and Efficiency

The MD Series AMRs are designed to automate midrange material movement applications with ease. With payloads of 650kg and 900kg, these robots are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications involving containers and pallets. Whether it's in manufacturing, warehousing, or logistics, the MD Series offers the versatility and adaptability needed to address various material movement challenges.

Safety and Navigation

Safety is a top priority, and the MD Series AMRs are equipped with 360 degrees of safety-rated sensing. This allows the robots to detect obstacles in all directions, ensuring safe operation and enabling navigation in narrow aisles where turning around is not possible. Innovative features like dynamic obstacle avoidance enable the robots to predict the trajectory of moving objects and personnel, ensuring smooth and safe movement alongside them. Additionally, MD Series AMRs feature an all-new (industry first) capability to automatically adjust safety zones based on the payload size that allows the robot to not only maintain safe boundaries for overhung loads, but also enables it to navigate more quickly and efficiently with a smaller boundary when a large load is not present, providing the perfect balance of safety and efficiency.

Seamless Integration and Control

Integration with existing production systems is crucial for any AMR application, and the MD Series excels in this aspect. The hardware design of the MD Series considers the needs of attaching and controlling topper units, offering a variety of power, I/O, and communication connections. The software tools provided allow for seamless control and monitoring of connected topper units within the same software, eliminating the need for additional control packages. Additionally, the open and powerful toolset enables easy integration with facility production systems, streamlining job assignments and optimizing overall fleet operation.

Extended Operation Time and Fast Charging

To maximize productivity, the MD Series AMRs offer over 7 hours of continuous runtime on a single charge. With one of the fastest charge times in the industry (30 minutes for a complete charge), the MD Series boasts an impressive more than 16:1 ratio of operation to charge time. This ensures that the robots spend more time on the move, contributing to increased efficiency and maximizing return on investment.


The MD Series of AMRs represents a significant leap forward in material movement automation. With their easy deployment, versatility, and advanced features, these robots are poised to transform midrange material movement processes across various industries. By embracing the MD Series, businesses can achieve greater flexibility, reduced costs, faster delivery, and improved worker safety. Embrace the future of material movement with the MD Series and unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency in your operations.

Contact your local Omron sales or support team to learn more about the MD Series and how it can benefit your business.