Some facilities schedule vibration analysis services for their induction motors on a regular basis from a third-party vendor, with the expectation that this will help them predict failures. Although this is better than no analysis whatsoever, it’s neither cost-effective nor thorough. Since it occurs at specific points in time, it fails to take into account any status information between testing dates.

Continuous, real-time monitoring is essential for promoting 100% uptime

To ensure thorough predictive maintenance, it’s essential to use a monitoring system that can provide real-time data on the status of the system’s key components – in this case, air handling units – and alert staff when those components are beginning to degrade. Omron’s K6CM Motor Condition Monitoring Device is a powerful solution that promotes 100% uptime of critical systems.

Designed to quantify the status of a three-phase induction motor, the K6CM is ideal for performing continuous, real-time monitoring of essential systems. It works by observing a motor’s current performance to detect the early signs of degradation and indicate the need for repairs or replacement before a failure occurs.

Because the K6CM provides threshold value setting, technicians can understand the motor’s maintenance timing without depending on an engineer, adding to its value as a cost-effective, user-friendly solution. Alarms from sensors can be integrated into a facility’s automation system to alert personnel of potential failures on a 24/7 basis.

Ideal applications for the Omron K6CM

The K6CM is a highly effective solution for a wide range of infrastructure industry applications, since it’s designed to increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs and help staff effectively visualize maintenance requirements. For customers seeking to avoid costly shutdowns due to motor failure, the K6CM motor intuitively communicates key motor status data.

Success stories with the Omron K6CM include the following:

  • Air supply and exhaust fan monitoring for a shopping mall building maintenance customer helped maintenance engineers more effectively prioritize their motor inspections.
  • Residential and commercial building water pump monitoring for a facility water service machine builder gave maintenance engineers knowledge of motor condition well in advance of possible motor failure.
  • Escalator motor maintenance for an escalator maintenance company streamlined the scheduling of maintenance requirements during non-business hours.

Interested in learning more about the K6CM? Check out the product webpage at the link below.