By providing a solution for manufacturers in semiconductor, electronics, life sciences, and food/commodity industries, it allows them to break away environmental lighting dependency, inspect product throughout the full production process, interface flexibility, and one-of-a-kind heat dissipation technology to ensure long lasting product performance.

Let’s look at how the SWIR camera series is taking inspection capabilities to new heights.

No longer depend on environmental lighting conditions.

Manufacturers in the Food and Commodity industry often have problems with ambient lighting interfering with their machine vision inspections. Short Wave Infrared allows cameras to break away from traditional lighting in favor of a new wavelength. By utilizing SWIR, vision engineers and system designers can remove the need to depend on traditional lighting and are equipped with highly controlled and precise inspection, removing variability.

Covered in materials? No problem, you can still get a precise inspection.

Semiconductor and Electronic industries have significant barriers with post manufacturing inspection which usually requires the usage of intrusive technologies to inspect past the initial layers. The Short Wave Infrared technology enables inspectors to inspect the impossible by allowing them to see through different visual spectrums. This facilitates post-manufacturing product inspection, even for items concealed by materials like plastic wrap or silicon coating.

Preferred interface selection so you no longer compromise on product performance.

The new camera series addresses common industry challenges of requiring specific interface or connection due to network requirements, cabling restrictions, or legacy equipment. These interfaces differ dramatically from industry to industry. With the SWIR Camera Series, manufacturers now possess the flexibility to select their ideal interface, ensuring that there are no compromises on the final product’s performance.

Increased cooling for a better image quality and a longer life span.    

The SWIR Camera Series also features a Peltier Electronic Cooling element which pulls heat away from the sensor and camera allowing for better image quality and a longer life span.

Interested in how SWIR is changing the game for inspection capabilities?