We’re looking forward to showcasing several exciting new technologies and solutions at PACK EXPO Connects, including a pick-and-place demo that incorporates AI-enhanced vision. The recent addition of AI capabilities to our FH vision system is designed to help packaging companies sort out real defects from noise and varying product patterns.

We’re also putting collaborative robots front and center with a bin picking demo that features our TM Series cobot and our FH Series 3D imaging technology that supports flexible production by quickly and precisely locating parts in a bin.

Another key solution for flexible manufacturing is our AnyFeeder flexible feeding system, which will be combined with an integrated controller PLC programmed using Sysmac Studio and running on an EtherCAT as part of a robotic cell demo.

How much does it cost to attend PACK EXPO Connects?

There is no registration fee for PACK EXPO Connects. Registration will open on September 15, so be sure to get your spot!

See how our AnyFeeder combines vision, robotics and ACE software for a flexible, bulk part feeding system.

Part feeding can be costly and time consuming, especially when you need to change parts often, but not with our AnyFeeder flexible feeding system. Our AnyFeeder is designed for flexibility and rapid changeovers. With automatic vision, conveyor and robot calibration, our demo will show you how to achieve faster setup and reduced complexity. With integrated vision enhancing it's capabilities, you can eliminate mechanical barriers and increase speed and accuracy.


See our mobile collaborative robot solutinon using 3D vision for bin picking applications.

Our collaborative robot, when equipped with our new 3D vision camera, is able to pick up known objects with random overlapping positions out of a bin. Traditionally, this was difficult to automate due to varying weights, shapes and orientations of objects that require 3D location and different forces during picking. The 3D camera locates objects and sends their coordinates to the robot, while the software makes the advanced calculations required for optimized trajectory and force to pick up objects.  Our mobile LD robot then transports the sorted goods.

Bin Picking
Bin Picking

See the power of our Sysmac platform for high speed, synchronous control with 3 delta robots and 4 conveyors.

The complete automation solution for your robotics packaging line. Our multi-robot pick-and-place demo presents multiple integrated technologies designed to enable customization, including three high-speed delta robots working on four conveyors. Robotics and other technologies including vision, motion and control show how intelligent, modular design can create reusable functions and subsystems that improve application flexibility.


Traceability 4.0:  Learn how traceability goes beyond compliance and verification to process improvement

The liability implications of mislabeling products and recalls are substantial, plus regulatory agencies and standards organizations have introduced requirements such as the FDA's UDI (unique device ID) mandate. This demo will illustrate how you can optimize productivity and quality by tying product to process data. Our cameras and readers will showcase their ability to read 1D and 2D codes and identify other vision-oriented inspections such as defects and distances.


Watch our AI tools perform fine match and scratch detection on products with accuracy and speed.

AI functionality can identify abnormal machine behavior without being explicitly programmed to do so.  Leverage real time data and  machine learning to minimize downtime and realize cost savings at your plant. This demo shows you how raw data is automatically collected and how the system creates data models based on a correlation analysis. The system will then show you how it monitors machine status based on these data models.

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