Balancing the Brake Line Assembly

ABS assembly requires synchronization and symmetry in order to be both effective and efficient, which is why Omron’s end-to-end automation solutions are the preferred option among manufacturers. Our powerful Sysmac platform provides you with the control and confidence you need to propel toward the future.


Next-generation braking systems are becoming increasingly complex as the demand for autonomous and electric vehicles rises exponentially. The ever-changing design requirements for braking systems will necessitate a car brake assembly solution that is fluid, intuitive and full-integrated with all other manufacturing processes.


As next-generation braking systems continue to evolve, you must partner with an intuitive and supportive solutions provider. Our strength at Omron is our ability to blend state-of-the-art functionality with advanced motion control, robotics, vision and inspection technologies, allowing you to synchronize machine control, communications and data analysis.

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