Proper and precise maintenance is integral to extending the lifespan of industrial equipment in EV manufacturing facilities, but automakers and suppliers have long had to rely on scheduled, manual inspections performed by skilled workers. This is a time-consuming, exhaustive process that can disrupt production and prohibit skilled workers from maximizing their potential within the organization.

Through predictive maintenance with a motor monitoring system, you can implement a proactive strategy that allows for ongoing, consistent equipment evaluation through continuous monitoring. This allows you to address issues before a malfunction occurs, often reducing both downtime and maintenance costs.


Omron’s technology solutions are known for their effective, streamlined communication capabilities, and the K6CM motor current monitoring device is no exception. This motor monitoring system has the ability to quantify the status of three-phase induction motors. It allows you to remotely monitor motor current, vibration and temperature or insulation resistance, depending on the model selected.

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