Quality management standards continue to become more rigorous, escalating the need for affordable and efficient traceability systems in EV sub assembly. Omron’s unique finder option feature enables low-cost, space-saving traceability systems by aggregating marking, marking inspection and appearance inspection into one process. With this technology, you can easily deliver diligent traceability.


Achieving cost reduction at the laser marking and inspection process requires consolidation efforts that do not compromise the integrity of traceability. Omron has generated innovative solutions for EV tier suppliers that combine our rich array of technologies to enable marking, image inspection and marking quality assurance. Our products meet all compliance and international standards, allowing you to feel confident and assured in your traceability solutions.

Merge your laser marking and inspection processes to reduce costs

Providing the support and guidance you need to enhance your traceability, Omron has developed a consolidated solution that will save costs while improving results. Our technologies offer:

  • Flexibility with mixed use of codes and characters, depending on the purpose.
  • Streamlined marking and inspection processes.
  • Adheres to quality compliance and international standards.

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