Tiny technology for large lives

Manufacturers can rely on Omron automation solutions to help them not only keep up with constantly evolving wearables, but lead the way in GPS-enabled smartwatches, other tether-free gadgets, especially in healthcare. A great volume of wearable technology devices focus on tracking information on the wearer’s health, fitness and activity in real time: heart rate and blood pressure, food consumption and hydration, and other measures vital to people’s lives.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Machine control and manufacturing data

Today, customers are requiring not only machine cycle time improvements and precision, but most importantly, control of manufacturing systems using data collected from production lines through Internet of Things (IoT).

Omron's IPC combines high-speed, high-precision machine control and data handling while providing a full solution in one platform to actual manufacturing needs.

Using vision-integrated cobot system to detect quality issues in low-volume PCB assemblies

Although most PCBs are produced in large quantities, there is significant demand for multi-layer, high-density interconnected (HDI) boards that are used in certain critical subsystems and devices. Manufacturers of HDI PCBs cannot afford quality defects, yet they too often rely on manual inspections to detect errors.

One HDI PCB manufacturer asked Omron for help with developing a more efficient and reliable inspection process. Omron combined its FH Series vision system and TM Series collaborative robot to create a turnkey, fully integrated automated inspection solution that is accurate, affordable, and easy to set up in existing environments.