In addition, many manufacturers now practice “cradle-to-grave” traceability and permanently mark parts with a machine-readable symbol that is verified at each stage of the manufacturing process. Machine-readable symbols generally fall into the categories of linear barcodes, stacked symbols, 2D symbols, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) fonts.

1D and 2D Symbology Standards

  • Automotive Industry Action Group: AIAG B4 - Parts Identification and Tracking
  • Air Transport Association: SPEC 2000 - Electronics Commerce, Including Permanent Part ID
  • U.S. Department of Defense: IUID - Permanent & Unique Item Identification
  • Electronics Industry Association: EIA 706 - Component Marking
  • ISO/IEC 16022 - International Symbology Specification
  • ISO/IEC 15418 - Symbol Data Format Semantics
  • ISO/IEC 15434 - Symbol Data Format Syntax
  • ISO/IEC 15415 - 2D Print Quality Standard
  • ISO/IEC 15416:2016 - 1D Print Quality Standard
  • ISO/IEC TR 29158:2011 - Direct Part Mark (DPM) Quality Guideline
  • Society of Aerospace Engineers: AS9132 - Data Matrix Quality Requirements for Part Marking
Types of Barcodes