Working with customers to create cutting-edge solutions with Innovative-Automation!

At our Automation Centers, we help customers explore concrete measures to solve their issues and achieve their visions in manufacturing. The challenges will all be different, depending on your role in your organization; problems faced by management, production division managers and on-site engineers. The same can be said for solutions: the optimal solution may vary for the same issue, depending on industry and region. OMRON offers several Automation Centers specially equipped to explore solutions for specific backgrounds and industries.

Automation Center Americas

Collaborate with our experts and explore our ever-expanding technologies at Automation Center, located at the Americas headquarters in Chicago.

Proof of Concept Centers

OMRON engineers are ready to assist you with your latest innovations and applications, in-person or virtually, at facilities around the Americas.

Worldwide Automation Center

The frontlines of Innovative-Automation! innovation where we work alongside our customers to resolve production site issues.