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  • Customized proof-of-concept testing and feasibility studies
  • Hands-on technology demos for customers and partners
  • Technical training
  • Project oversight and execution

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Complete Sysmac Platform Solutions

The System platform provides powerful complete automation solution with high-performance, flexible, open architecture using one software for control, safety, motion, vision and robotics.

One Total Solution Provider

The ILO+S (Input, Logic, Output, + Safety) display shows examples of Omron’s comprehensive portfolio of products and technologies that can be used to help solve the most demanding applications.

Integrated Multi-Robot Demo

Advanced and high-performance Sysmac robotics functionality integrated in the NJ machine controller fully operates 3 robots for high-speed, multi-robot PnP with integrated vision and safety.

Delta Linear PnP Demo

Demonstrate the power of Sysmac for custom kinematics, advanced motion, linear and rotary servo in integrated solution with vision and safety.

Vision Rotary Demo

Our vision rotary demonstrates a wide variety of Omron's code reading and smart camera products functioning with Omron Automation control and component products.

Panel Builder Demo

Our value design for panel concept guides the development of control panel products that reduce time and labor costs, power consumption and control cabinet size.

Traceability Demo

Omron provides a complete solution suite for traceability, including marking, verification, reading and communication.

FH 3D and TM Robot Bin Picking

Omron's new FH 3D vision system, paired with the Omron TM cobot, demonstrates quick, precise 3D robotic bin picking. Easily integrate FH 3D vision technology with a variety of robots.

SCARA Cell Demo

The SCARA robot cell highlights Omron's integrated controller, FH Vision guidance and flexible feeding with the Anyfeeder solution.

Hornet Cell Demo

The Hornet fixed robot cell highlights Omron's delta robot technology, vision guidance conveyor tracking capabilities and packaging software expertise.

Quattro Cell Demo

The Quattro fixed robot cell highlights Omron's fastest fixed robot, vision guidance and conveyor tracking capabilities and Omron's total automation solution.

Viper Cell Demo

Fully integrated control, software architecture and development environment meet current and future needs for process design, flexible operation and predictable maintenance.

Machine Safety Solutions

Omron’s comprehensive lineup of machine safety components provides everything you need to protect your team with full integration for every part of your automation system.

NC Tabletop Demo

The NC integrated controller provides both NC and PLC functionality and synchronizes all devices at high speed, significantly reducing the machine cycle time.


Our newest SCARA, integrated with our IPC application controller, provides a cost-effective powerful robotics solution for a variety of automation applications.

Advanced Safety Servo Demo

The advanced 1S Series servo drive can improve not only equipment safety but also production efficiency by shortening production facility downtime.

Servo with Motion Safety and Advanced Safety Networks

The 1SA servo with motion safety functions and Omron’s advanced safety networks protect machine operators and equipment, reduce machine downtime, minimize cost and wiring complexity.

AI Controller Demo

The AI Controller is able to identify abnormal machine behavior without being explicitly programmed to do so using models generated from data.

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Fleet

Omron mobile robots are self-navigating AMRs designed to dynamically move material in challenging dynamic environments -- requiring no facility modifications.

Mobile Robot Simulation Service

Our engineers can simulate Omron's mobile fleet in your facilities using either a robot scan or a digital drawing to validate the layout and vehicle count.

See why Omron is your one total solutions provider

The ILO -- Input, Logic, Output -- display at the Chicago PoC shows how seamlessly Omron inputs, such as sensors, HMIs and inspections systems, work with controllers and outputs such as relays, lights, servos and inverters.

Sysmac demo shows how platform, controller and network work together

Watch this video demo of the Sysmac platform that allows customers to use one controller, one network and one software for complete automation -- including, logic, motion, safety, HMIs with high performance in all layers.

Upcoming events

Visit Omron at IPC Apex Expo

Omron will be exhibiting at IPC APEX EXPO, the premier event for the electronics manufacturing industry, attracting more than 9,000 professionals from 45 countries. The show begins Jan. 25, 2022.

News and updates

Dallas PoC and Center of Excellence open to customers

We are pleased to announce to our sales team that Dallas PoC phase 1 is operational and is open for customer visits. Phase 2 will include more demos that are being built.

The Dallas PoC is an Omron center of excellence and encompasses all our Omron Automation technologies.