PoC Dallas

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  • Customized proof-of-concept testing
  • Hands-on technology demos for customers and partners
  • Technical training
  • Project oversight and execution
  • Feasibility studies for advanced sensing technologies

Look inside our Dallas Proof of Concept Center

Want to see what's in store for you when you visit the Dallas PoC? Check out this video to get a tour of our new space where you can discover exciting technologies, collaborate with industry experts, and validate your latest automation solution. Visits can be in-person or virtual.

Get hands-on access to these technologies

Vision solutions

Demos include direct-to-monitor GigE Vision and USB3 vision industrial cameras; smart cameras for code reading and defect analysis; and an FH vision system with AI for fine matching.

Predictive maintenance and IIOT 4.0

See how process and production data can be utilized to improve quality and efficiency in your plant using IOT protocols such as MQTT.

FH AI vision demo

The rotary AI Vision demo demonstrates the power of Artificial Intelligence in our FH Vision system. It is an integrated solution using Omron's servo drives, homing sensors and HMI.

3D bin picking

Omron's FH 3D vision technology is demonstrated in this bin picking solution to show how Omron can automate accurate picking and placing.

Safety solutions

Demo of safety network solutions, including CIP safety and FSOE as well as the 1SA servo with motion safety, and safety components including safety switch technology, light curtain and area scanner.

Components demo

This demo showcases our vast array of component offerings from panel meters to temperature controllers, as well as power supplies and limit switches to our latest in preventive maintenance solutions.

Sensor demo

This interactive demo showcases our latest in sensing and measurement sensor offerings and our IO-Link capabilities incorporating our NX-ILM, GX-ILM and NXR solutions.

Robot integrated controller

Using our robot integrated controller, this demo highlights product handling and recipe management programmed using Sysmac Studio software.

Pick and place machines

High-speed pick-and-place machine showing recipe management and PackML, PacManager, Quattro, SCARA robot, T-bot with integrated vision and safety.

Viper robot cell

See the Omron 6-axis Viper, a high-performance articulated robot ideal for operations requiring speed and accuracy.

Power PMAC NC Machine

This 5-axis NC machine features a Power PMAC CK3E motion controller with 1S servo systems and NX safety, with an NY industrial PC running the PMAC NC operator interface.

Integrated robotics, vision and flexible feeding

This demo features our Integrated Controller PLC i4H EtherCAT SCARA, FH and Sentech Vision, NA HMI, and Omron Safety to showcase a flexible feeding and integrated controls robot cell.

Palletizing logistic demo

This highly interactive demo highlights Omron technologies, including collaborative robotics, mobile robots, safety, motion, and traceability, to demonstrate a logistics application.

Mobile fleet

Mobile center is the premier location for mobile robots. See all the models that Omron offers and them working together to get the job done.

Get solutions and advice from our experts

PoC Dallas is the home base for these experienced engineers, as well as a sales team and other support staff. If you need expertise in other aspects of automation, PoC Dallas can connect you with Omron's large network of automation engineers at its ATC headquarters or other regional offices.

Find out what our Dallas Proof of Concept Center has to offer!

Curious what’s on display at our Dallas PoCC? Check out this video to get a virtual guided tour of the facility with Atef Massoud, Manager of the Americas Automation Center, and Brian Jeppesen, Automation Engineering Supervisor!

Sysmac demo shows how platform, controller and network work together

Watch this video demo of the Sysmac platform that allows customers to use one controller, one network and one software for complete automation -- including, logic, motion, safety, HMIs with high performance in all layers.

Upcoming events

Visit Omron at IPC Apex Expo

Omron will be exhibiting at IPC APEX EXPO, the premier event for the electronics manufacturing industry, attracting more than 9,000 professionals from 45 countries. The show begins Jan. 25, 2022.

News and updates

Dallas PoC and Center of Excellence open to customers

We are pleased to announce to our sales team that Dallas PoC phase 1 is operational and is open for customer visits. Phase 2 will include more demos that are being built.

The Dallas PoC is an Omron center of excellence and encompasses all our Omron Automation technologies.