The many dilemmas confronting the manufacturing industry

Market globalization, changing consumer needs, carbon neutrality goals, digitalization and other advances in production technology; birthrate decline and population aging; the evolving values of factory workers— These are just some of the rapid changes bombarding the manufacturing industry. To keep pace with these changes and cater to social needs essential to sustainable development, the manufacturing site must overcome several dilemmas.

The increasing risks faced by production sites overly reliant on human workers

With labor shortages intensifying, it is becoming increasingly risky for production sites to overly rely on human labor. In the capital-intensive manufacturing sector, this has accelerated labor-saving through investments in mechanization and automation. This mechanization and automation, however, must also be able to flexibly address diversifying consumer needs.


A manufacturing innovation concept for solving social issues on the manufacturing site

We solve many different challenges related to such social issues the production site faces with the solutions we create by synergizing and advancing three approaches to innovation in automation; integrated (advanced control), intelligent and interactive (advanced human-machine collaboration) technologies. That is our Innovative-Automation! concept for manufacturing innovation.

A sustainable future through a new type of manufacturing site

Omron’s goal is to help create a sustainable society by implementing sustainable automation that can co-exist with the global environment and deliver high worker satisfaction, an effort built on our three new concepts for manufacturing: "Autonomation Beyond Human Ability," "Advanced Collaboration Between Human and Machines," and "Digital Engineering Innovation."