Advanced Collaboration Between Human and Machines

Production site allows for human-machine collaboration

The objective of the "Advanced Collaboration Between Human and Machines" concept is to generate new labor-intensive ways of manufacturing through enhanced human-machine collaboration technologies that enable machines to work alongside human workers. This will empower workers to unleash their full potential, enabling people and machines to grow and evolve together. Our solutions untangle previously difficult dilemmas in balancing technological evolution with human proficiency, and labor productivity with human dignity, through three approaches: Seamless Connection between humans and machines, intelligent sites to support humans, and freely collaborative sites.

Seamless Connection between Human and Machines

Workers working at mentally and physically taxing manufacturing sites have little sense of growth or satisfaction, and this can cause productivity to decline. Our solutions enable machines and robots operating around human workers to coordinate and work seamlessly according to the positions and movement of these workers, creating a safe and secure environment where machines can support or take over workers’ tasks as needed. This relieves workers of mental and physical burden and boosts labor productivity.

Intelligent Sites to Support Humans

The more advanced the skills required of workers, the longer the road to proficiency, which can lead workers to view the idea of learning these skills as daunting or stressful. By modeling the know-how of IE* improvement professionals, we create solutions that feed the knowledge required for kaizen and proficiency back to people and machines, and in turn, visualize results and growth. These solutions help build work environments where workers can feel more comfortable with their work and stay motivated to grow, enabling on-site worker autonomy and continuous task improvement.

Freely Collaborative Sites

With consumer needs changing more rapidly and drastically every year, production sites must be able to flexibly and efficiently produce the necessary products in necessary amounts to respond to demand fluctuation. Our solutions allow you to accommodate demand fluctuation while delivering labor productivity. They accurately keep track of on-site worker proficiency and on-site machine conditions to deduce the best way to position and divide labor between human workers and machines, so that the right products can be produced at the right time. For example, the overall productivity of a site may be maximized by having human workers take on more tasks during the day, when labor is readily available, and having machines do more work during the night.

Seamlessly integrating the production site through the Digitalized Three Reality philosophy