Manufacturing innovation that only OMRON can deliver

Diversifying consumer needs, labor shortage and other challenges to manufacturing are intensifying by the day, across the world.

OMRON tackles these challenges through three innovations: "Integrated" (control evolution), "Intelligent" (developing intelligence through ICT) and "Interactive" (human-machine collaboration). This is our value generation concept "Innovative-Automation!"

Our Innovative-Automation! solutions enable anyone to easily replicate master craftsmanship and create production lines where machines can continue to learn on their own to understand and assist humans. With over 200,000 products and on-site support capabilities, this is manufacturing innovation that only OMRON can deliver.


The 3-"i" Approach to Manufacturing Innovation


Enabling easy replication of ultra-high-speed, precision control for anyone 

OMRON finely coordinates its extensive collection of more than 200,000 products with the unique control software to provide more than170 kinds of control applications that enable easy replication of advanced craftsmanship, such as ultra-high-speed machine control and ultra-high precision processing.


Systems that learn and develop by making full use of production site data

Our solutions visualize the production site through nearly 100,000 IoT control devices and make full use of production site data with unique AI technology. Our goal is to create downtime-free production lines and defect-free production facilities through measures such as remote predictive maintenance and near-human sensory inspections.


Ultra-flexible production where machines open new possibilities for human workers

OMRON solutions enable coordination between machines and humans by coupling human labor with IoT, collaborative robots, and other technology. Our goal is to realize an ultra-flexible means of production where machines understand and assist humans.