Motion control to handle the most precise and high speed applications

Omron offers a very complete line of motion products. Leading with innovative designs that help create some of the most precise machines in manufacturing, they still are flexible enough to use in any application. Whether looking for a complete solution of wanting to connect to other specializes motion products Omron has a controller that can work for the application.

32 Axis

Thirty-two axis of motion updated in under 200 µsec with NX7.

512 EtherCAT Nodes

512 EtherCAT nodes on one controller and a single network

1 µsec

One µsec position capture or output update

Omron Motion Products

Flexible and affordable motion control for speciality manufacturers

Small manufacturers have often avoided machine control because they considered the technology too complex. While some products do, in fact, require the combined efforts of a team of programmers, read how Omron helped two specialty manufacturers tackle cost and production challenges.

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A frequency inverter is a device designed to control the speed of AC induction motors without affecting the electric consumption, torque, impedance, magnetic flux, etc. of the motor. His allow acurate variantion and control of the motors velocity.

Servo motors are motors that have a positional feedback device to be able to monitor and maintain the position of the motor as well as the speed and torque of the motor.

The most common types are rotary and linear servo motors.

Rotary servo motors

Rotary servo motors rotate like other motors and utilize different types of mechanical actuators to achieve linear motion if needed.

Linear servo motors

Linear motors, however, are constructed so the move along linear bearings to achieve high speed and accuracy of linear motion with extra mechanical devices that can reduce the speed and accuracy required.

A motion control system contains the motion profiles and target positions for the application and creates the trajectories for the motor and/or actuator. Motion control often utilizes monitoring, or "feedback", devices to maintain the position of the motor and its load. It can also use the feedback to correct the position to maintain any possible errors that may occur.

Industrial, mobile and collaborative robots for your most demanding applications

Omron’s unique combination of robots, software and integrated control architecture address today's factory automation challenges.