The A2W is Omron's latest innovation in switch technology. The A2W wireless pushbutton can greatly reduce installation costs of switches and also allows for greater flexibility for many applications. Each wireless switch is equipped with an LED signal strength indicator to notify the operator of the transmission signal status to the receiver. No batteries or recharging is neccesary due to the self-generating power feature that is built into the switch. Maximum range is 100m or 328 ft.

  • Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, White and Black colors available
  • Mushroom and full guard operator heads available
  • PNP and NPN output receivers
  • Optional remote antenna
  • 100m range (328 ft)
  • Wireless communication is confirmed with LED signal strength indicator on the pushbutton
  • Battery free switch. Button operation self generates the electric charge for transmission signal and LED light
  • Can use up to 8 wireless pushbuttons to one receiver
  • Each receiver is equipped with 8 one-shot outputs
  • 22.5MHz frequency band reduces interference, providing a better signal in locations with obstacles


  • Notifying ON/OFF information (i.e. Call a supervisor, missing item information, work completion notification)
  • Instructions to automated guided vehicles (i.e Instruction to stop or go)
  • Instructions for manned guided vehicles (i.e. Instructions for opening and closing shutters or doors of warehouses, fork-lifts)
  • Instructions to a machine (i.e. Stopping, opening and closing doors)