During troubleshooting, minor adjustments or final inspections, ensuring safe motion in a hazard zone is critical to protecting your production and maintenance teams.  The A4E series enable grip switches can be used for hold-to-run function allowing the operator to maintain control during full hazardous situations or as part of local safety control inside hazardous areas. The A4E series offers three easily discernible positions, an optional emergency stop, a momentary operation switch, or a holding key, making it simple to meet your machine safety requirements.

  • Configure safety circuits by combining the A4EG with the G9SX-GS.
  • Momentary and emergency stop switches are available.
  • Optional Holding Key.
  • Equipped with conduit connector.



  • In addition to the standard models, the lineup also includes models with an emergency stop switch and models with a momentary operation switch.
  • An optional Holding Key (sold separately) provides a versatile method for selecting modes.
  • Equipped with conduit connector.