Designed to work with a variety of robots and in combination with Omron Vision software and controller, the AnyFeeder Solution provides an efficient and fast-feeding solution. Its flexibility in feeding small parts of various sizes, shapes and materials allows for fast line changeover and significantly reduced tooling costs to give you a crucial competitive advantage.

  • Provide a complete solution with integrated components and software
  • Feeds a multitude of products
  • Eliminates multiple feeder systems on your line
  • Perfect for lines requiring rapid and frequent changeovers
  • No fixturing required
  • Integrated vision refinement on the fly allows for vision verification of parts, increasing placement accuracy to within 17 microns
  • Automatically flips and shakes parts to separate and position for fast pick up
  • Dual configuration further increases productivity
  • Feeds various material types including plastic, rubber, metal, glass, and others