Robotic system integrators have to develop safety solutions that prevent workers from becoming trapped inside hazardous areas. In addition, end users are frequently concerned about providing ergonomic emergency exit actuators that are familiar to workers in threatening situations to facilitate exiting dangerous areas fast.

The D41G is a guard lock door switch with RFID, that helps to prevent tampering with the safety system. It offers different types of actuators, including a door handle type for left and right hinged doors, and an optional emergency exit unit to assure personnel can escape trapped areas. This model has a slim housing that can easily be mounted to standard aluminum profiles, extensive diagnostic via three-color LED indicators, and diagnostic output and can be connected in series with any safety door switch from this series, up to 31 devices.


Minimize defeat possibilities

The D41 series offers RFID monitored door switches, with non-contact and guard-locking options, that helps to prevent bypassing and meet the highest level of protection for workers

Reduce the total cost of ownership

A single product family able to simplify the design process and reduce MRO investments

Easy-to-install and troubleshoot

D41 Series offers easy-to-install and maintain safety door switches, with automatic pairing, requiring a minimum amount of labor-hour to commissioning and maintain a machine

Keep workers safe around robotic applications

D41G is the ideal complement to any robotic application to keep personnel away from hazardous areas, offering an ergonomic actuator and compliant with ANSI/RIA 15.06